What if weight loss meant less crying in fitting rooms, more singing in the shower?

Less grind, more swagger.

Less Die Hard, more It's a Wonderful Life.

I can get you there.

Weight loss that doesn't suck.

Now, let's get real about the how.

What if weight loss meant less crying in fitting rooms, more singing in the shower?

Less grind, more swagger?

Less Die Hard, more It's a Wonderful Life.

I can get you there.

Weight loss you won't hate.

Now let's get real about the how.


"Food is my problem." I get that.

I don’t trust myself." I get that. 

"I really only eat healthy food, just too much of it." I get that, too.

"I'm great all day, then I binge at night." Well, honey, then pull up a seat next to me.

It's time to get real for a sec. What's stopping you from being consistent? What has you relief-eating on weekends and unwinding with food at night?

What's stopping you from living what you know?
Well, I know. 

“Stephanie is brilliant.”

She explains every detail until you truly understand. She stops and listens and always readily gives multiple suggestions on how to change your mindset to overcome obstacles and engages you to commit to your doable goal. She patiently, week after week, gives me a better understanding of how to change my habits that were derailing my success. We all know HOW to lose weight. Being in a meeting with Stephanie is a whole different ballgame. You learn so much about the body, food, and just everything.

— KATHY C. // LOST 50 LBS. 


Being a Weight Loss Strategist and Memoir Author has given me the tools and insight to successfully guide people to lose weight, keep it off, and transform their whole life.

I help people not only lose the weight but lose the whole damn problem.

From Keto to weekly weigh-ins at a "diet doctor," all diets have been tried by me. I was writing best-selling books and selling my screenwriting services to Hollywood, as I devoted myself to weight loss. 

It Was like I had a double major in storytelling & weight loss

All my studying of the science and strategies of weight loss coupled with the power of story finally created true food freedom. For over two decades my unique perspective and techniques have helped thousands of people crush their weight loss goals.

We don't just need people who know their stuff. We need people who know how to apply it in practical ways that they themselves have tried—so our problems get solved. Not just someone who shows what worked for them, but someone who'll help you figure out exactly what'll work for you. 

And that's my jam.
I am your mentor.

Meet Stephanie Klein, featured on the Cover of The Independent

The right mentor believes in you before you've got the guts to believe in yourself.

Chosen by Weight Watchers International corporate employees as their personal on-site Weight Loss Coach

Engaged by school systems, federal agencies, and bulge-bracket investment banks as their personal Weight Loss Coach of record

I've Spent Over 10,000 Hours with THOUSANDS of Clients



Each week the fiercely compassionate Stephanie and the investigative nerdy Stephanie give me hope. I feel understood and accepted.

Alison K.

LOST 116 lbs.


Stephanie has changed my life in so many ways. She has given me light at the end of a dark tunnel that was filled with being in the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Jennifer L.

LOST 95 lbs.


Stephanie doesn't let you get lazy, always making you engage with her and the group. No judgment, just let's get back at it. She's been there, done that.

Richie R.

LOST 73 lbs.

You belong here.

15 YEARS AGO, when writing screenplays, I HAD AN EPIPHANY:

There's an undeniable overlap between weight loss & movies.

The three-act structure of movies and the hero’s journey mirrors the patterns in our lives when we're trying to lose weight.


We meet the hero in her ordinary world. Thing is, she's stuck in a tree & doesn't want to be there. She knows how to get down, but she hasn't been willing.


Your current routines, habits, thoughts, and body are your status quo life. Thing is, you're dissatisfied. You might know what to do to change things, but you're just not doing it consistently.


We throw rocks at the hero, give her every struggle and obstacle and get her to the point where all is lost, and she wants to quit.


You commit to making changes. You face food pushers, vacations, dining out, and your self-sabotaging ways, only to realize you've got a belief problem, with thoughts like, "I have no self-control" driving you to quit.


Act III is the resolution. The Hero sees the light at the end but faces a final test, calling on everything she's learned up until this point. She confronts her greatest fear once and for all, emerging victorious. Now she's willing to get herself down from the damn tree. She looks forward to the start of her new life.


New challenges come with the new you. While old habits, binge-eating, and excuses have retreated, they can rebound in a surprise attack, testing to see if you've really changed. The new set of coping skills you worked so hard to build kick in, empowering you to self-soothe without food. You are finally living the badass life you deserve.



A Program for people who want to lose weight and transform their lives for good through the power of movies & TV

reel weight loss program

The Reel Weight Loss Program consists of The Star Society Membership and The Reel Weight Loss Course.

  • Weekly live video group calls with ME, Stephanie—teaching, coaching my face off + supporting you on your epic adventure
  • Hot-Seat coaching: so we can go more in-depth on your specific issues
  • Access to me, Stephanie. Though, you might get a little sick of this face. Mindful eating meetups? You know it.
  • Membership library with a downloadable calendar, on demand replays of past meetings, a library of resources, tools, strategies—all constantly growing
  • Star Society pin-up board of strategies curated by ME on how to execute it all, with new things to try
  • Full access to our private Star Society Lounge with discussions, live pop-ins from yours truly, Q&A sessions, watch parties, current topics and trends, support, accountability + recognition
  • Mobile App, connect on the go

At the core of the program is my signature course Reel Weight Loss, a masterclass in weight loss. Along with step-by-step videos, you'll have worksheets and tools to walk you through the stages of your weight loss journey using the three- act structure of films and the hero’s journey.

  • Drip-fed masterclass in weight loss, providing education, empowerment, and inspiration from me
  • Transformation Roadmap for you to identify where you are on your weight loss journey with actionable strategies from your Bespoke Get Unstuck Cheat Sheet
  • Weekly worksheets that correspond to the masterclass lessons—they're living breathing tools used on the daily, far beyond a habit tracker
  • Tools for your mind, to plan + assess, dig deep into resistance
  • Over 70 video lessons, 50 exclusive worksheets, tutorials, and audio visualizations to get you to your goal in fun and thought-provoking ways
  • Unlimited replays, always in your pocket for viewing or listening on the go


New York Times Logo
New York Times Logo



Includes over 70 video lessons, over 60 hollywood movie clips, and more than 50 proprietary worksheets, exercises, audio visualizations + walkthroughs exclusive to REEL WEIGHT LOSS

Reel Weight Loss is a drip-fed course, with fresh lessons and materials dropping weekly to keep you focused. The course uses behavioral science and screenwriting techniques to create weight loss, food freedom, and body love. Take a look at select highlights from the course:



the brain science of weight loss
  • We begin by magnifying what's really going on under the hood that's causing you to preserve your dissatisfied status-quo-life
  • How to use brain science to lose weight, so it's not just attainable but sustainable
  • This part of the course lays the groundwork and understanding for your journey ahead

I nerd out on you in the best way possible!


mapping your HEROIC journey
  • Enter the three-act structure of films and the hero’s journey
  • I guide you on exactly how to apply its principles to your weight loss journey
  • You'll get your hands on my powerful planning tools as we "Storyboard Your Day" and walk through my step-by-step process to getting unstuck— Transformational Roadmap and "Get Unstuck" Cheat Sheet
  • Whether you're dealing with emotional eating, binges, stress (or, hi, all that and a bag of chips), I've got you covered



ACT ONE: identify your 'reel' problems
  • Deep dive beyond your surface-level problems
  • Uncover six specific areas that need your attention + take purposeful action in the direction of your dreams
  • I share my secret weapon to breaking the autopilot cycle of eating on impulse
  • Take a personalized weight loss "MRI," to reveal your true obstacles to change



ACT TWO: overcoming external obstacles
  • Master techniques to overcome your external obstacles
  • In-depth look at: indulgent foods, socializing, managing cravings
  • I walk you through my "Overturn the Queen" approach for determining what's worthy of entry
  • I pull back the curtain and give you access to a treasure trove of tools that help you level-up your habits
  • You'll "Set Design Your Life" to take the drama (and related clutter) out of weight loss

BONUS: Say hello to the Restaurant Matrix



act two: overcoming internal obstacles
  • Everything up until this point has strengthened you—the hero—for this part of your weight loss journey
  • Confront the internal issues that plague you: negative self-talk, emotional eating, people pleasing. This is where your courage kicks in
  • Unlock my all-star lineup of tools to free you from a fixed mindset, external locus of control, all-or-nothing thinking + limiting beliefs
  • Cookbooks might be tools for the kitchen. I give you tools for your brain: Director Self, Sherlock It In + The Director’s Playbook



  • New challenges that come with the new you
  • Put new tools into play to address the inevitable fear of relapse, body confidence, and habit-creep
  • Before getting "Weight Cocky," I'll help you navigate "champagne problems," which before your transformation you never thought mattered
  • Get your hands on the mother-load of sustainable tools, all aimed at ensuring an extraordinary life beyond weight loss


Reel Weight Loss Helps You Not Only Lose Weight but Lose What's Really Defeating Your Efforts with a Roadmap to Easily Transform Anxiety & Avoidance into Confidence & Purpose to Be the Leading Role in Your Life.



"Red-light trigger foods" will be a thing of the past. You'll rediscover what you're craving and how to stop once you've had enough, savoring favorite foods without guilt or binges.

You'll develop a healthier relationship with food that nourishes your body and soul.


No more crying in fitting rooms, tearing yourself apart, focusing on all your perceived flaws. Imagine being excited to try on clothes again!

When you feel good about your body, you're more likely to feel confident and empowered in all areas of your life. Game on.

fall in love with your life

Cultivate strong thinking patterns to lead the juicy, vibrant life you crave. You weren't born to be the sidekick. It's time to step into your life fully.

Cue the theme song to Flashdance.

  • BE AT EASE AROUND FOOD: RSVP ‘Yes!” to events, eager to socialize without fear of food pushers, gaining weight, or losing control
  • END THE WAR WITH YOUR BODY: Overcome feelings of shame or embarrassment about your body while increasing your confidence, not just in your body, but in all areas of your life
  • BECOME A MINDSET NINJABreak free from all-or-nothing thinking, self-sabotage, and the negative thought patterns that hold you back
  • SELF-REGULATE WITHOUT FOOD: Ease stress, manage conflict, cope with difficult scenarios, and adapt to change without turning to food to numb out, self-soothe, or enhance the moment
  • WISDOM REIGNS SUPREME: Gain insight into your own psychology and become aware of the universal themes and experiences that shape your life
  • FASTEN YOUR CAPE: Take control of your own narrative and step into the leading role of your heroic life by shedding the victim mentality


You're one click away from a future that's better than anything you've experienced in the past. Get excited. It's time to say hello, not goodbye.


weight loss masterclass

A drip-fed course with a roadmap to identify where you are on your journey with actionable strategies

star society pin-up board

Curated board of stephanie's top ideas on all the things, with new things to try as well as a trove of my faves

weekly course worksheets

tools that correspond to the masterclass lessons—they're living breathing tools used on the daily, far beyond a habit tracker

weekly group video calls

teaching, coaching my face off, and supporting you on your epic journey LIVE!

private vip lounge

Live pop-ins from me, Live Q&A's, watch parties, community + accountability. Not just another Facebook group!

tools for your mind

plan + assess, dig deep into resistance

hot seat coaching

volunteer for 1:1 coaching in a group setting for more in-depth coverage of your specific issue

mobile app

connect on the go, Listen or watch anytime with our private membership + course App

audio visualizations

I'm not only in your head, but in your ear with visualizations to get you to your goal

membership library

downloadable calendar, a library of resources, tools, strategies—all constantly growing

unlimited replays

On-Demand replays of what you missed, or listen on repeat to what you really need to hear

pure stephanie gold

meaningful Access to Stephanie's Motivation, energy, and stephanisms! Get ready to feel it, baby!

weight loss masterclass

A drip-fed course with a roadmap to identify where you are on your journey with actionable strategies

star society pin-up board

ideas + Inspiration on all the things, with new things to try as well as a trove of my faves

weekly course worksheets

tools that correspond to the masterclass lessons—they're living breathing tools used on the daily, far beyond a habit tracker

weekly group video calls

teaching, coaching my face off, and supporting you on your epic journey LIVE!

private VIP LOUNGE

Live pop-ins from me, Live Q&A's, watch parties, community + accountability. Not just another Facebook group!

tools for your mind

plan + assess, dig deep into resistance

hot seat coaching

volunteer for 1:1 coaching in a group setting for in-depth coverage of your specific issue

mobile app

connect on the go, Listen or watch anytime with our private membership + course App

audio visualizations

I'm not only in your head, but in your ear with visualizations to get you to your goal 

membership library

downloadable calendar, a library of resources, tools, strategies—all constantly growing

unlimited replays

On-Demand replays of what you missed, or listen on repeat to what you really need to hear

pure stephanie gold

meaningful Access to my Motivation, energy + stephanisms! Get ready to feel it, baby!

holy smokes

Sounds dynamite!

That's because, yeah, it is. now let's cut to the chase and talk numbers. When you enroll TODAY, you get:

  • The Reel Weight Loss Course  (value: $4,000)
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the Star Society Membership  (value: $250)
  • A Year of Weekly Group Meetings with ME  (value: $2,200)
  • Access to ME via Q&A, Pop in's, events—hours of access to ME as your mentor  (value: $2000)
  • Mobile app  (value: $200)


If only I could be there with you on your sofa, laptops open, ready to demonstrate exactly how I can help you achieve weight loss and food freedom. Yet, since I'm teaching you from a distance, and you can take me with you in your car or on your walk 24/7, I'm able to offer a very reduced price to fit your budget.

It's time to say hello, not goodbye:

make it work!

3 Payments of $600

all access - 1 year membership

One-Time Payment of $1599

that's ABOUT $30/week

All access - 1 year membership


Money Back Guarantee

My absolutely 100% unconditional, love it or money back guarantee

The Reel Weight Loss Program is the real deal. I know its value and the power of the techniques and work that have been poured into this program. And I'll tell you this—once you dive into the process, you're going to feel it, too. However, I understand that everyone's journey is unique, and for that reason, I offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. That means that if for any reason within that time frame, you feel that the tools, meetings, community, course, or anything else isn't serving you, you can simply let me know, and I'll issue a full refund. I hope you won’t because I'm inspired by the massive transformations I've seen from people who've used these tools and benefited from my coaching. It's my wish that you don't give up on yourself, because you have the potential for greatness. The Reel Weight Loss Program is designed to help you unlock that potential and become the best version of yourself. So, take that first step, commit to the process, and let's see the magic unfold.


strategies, tools & education

Fact: It doesn’t matter what I teach you about food, hunger hormones, or the brain if you don't believe you can do it and apply it. It's why I'll be breaking down exactly how to manage your mind, so you can take action and trust yourself.

  • A detailed roadmap of the weight loss journey and it’s pitfalls with solution-focused lessons
  • Understanding the science behind why we do what we do as well as the science to crush what isn’t serving you
  • Easily implemented specific situational strategies
  • Weekly group calls
  • Private group Q&A, pop-in, situation video lessons
  • Special Events: watch parties, virtual supermarket visits, contests, and badges
Access & Support
  • Password-protected web-based course, membership and library 
  • Private Mobile app
  • Private Star Society Membership group
laser focused Accountability

I want you to succeed, so I'm going to make sure that happens. If you slip and fall, I'm gonna be there to pick you up and push you in the direction of your dreams. Stage center, baby.

This isn't one of those pre-recorded, you’ll never actually engage with me kinda courses. You get me live for every call, and I'll be in the Private VIP group asking questions, going live, and making sure you get what you need. I'll be in the trenches with you.

I can be a ball-breaker and bounty-hunter if you try to ghost me. Like it or not, I'm going to hound you for accountability in the most loving way an accountability mama can. Welcome to check-ins where you can't disengage.

  • Our Star Society Membership is a place where members and I share our authentic stories, support, and learn from one another 
  • Whether it's our video calls, private group or email/text, our Star Society is a place to feel seen and understood, ya know, like a star
  • A safe place to exchange ideas and have fun with like-minded members who "get it"

follow a proven roadmap

thrive in the community

real accountability



  • I'm providing clear, step-by-step techniques + strategies in a fun way that can't be unlearned
  • I make sure you've got the tools + support to make the transformation you desire
  • Non-negotiable: I create, cultivate + provide an environment for you to be recognized for and supported through your wins + challenges
  • The high-achiever in me makes damn sure The Reel Weight Loss Program never gets stale—offering new features, benefits, tools + engaging content

I once had a subscription to food & whine, where my whine of choice became, “The struggle is real.”


I was hot. NOT slammin’ hot.

Pit-stains hot.

I hid behind a wool blazer hoping to conceal how miserable I was. The heat pumped. I wanted to remove my jacket but wouldn’t dare. I didn’t think my arms were worthy of ventilation at any size. I believed, down to my core, that my daughter deserved a slender mother with energy, not the one who spent hours getting dressed (trying to conceal her many misshapen bits). 

I had it all so wrong back then, equating my size with my worth. The hardest part of my journey has been to let go of “shoulds.” Except for this one: we should all know that we are worthy of short sleeves, ventilation, a seat at the table, and love—self and otherwise.

Reel Weight Loss uses 5 science-backed tools to create member success 


we Remember More If It’s Novel + Interests us

You retain techniques + strategies because the program is fun, harnessing the magic of the movies. When something grabs your attention and is presented or experienced in a fun/novel way, your retention is increased. Neurons in the locus coeruleus release both dopamine + norepinephrine, which are responsible for novelty-induced memory enhancement.


we forget THE sTUFF we don't review

Humans forget approximately 50% of new information within an hour of learning it. That goes up to an average of 70% within 24 hours. Reel Weight Loss was designed strategically to address this atrophy by employing spaced learning techniques, not just passively, but through active participation + engagement.


The Structure of Reel Weight Loss isn’t Random: The Methodology

Reel Weight Loss uses Bloom's Taxonomy for successful personal transformation. One must remember, understand, apply, and analyze techniques for effective evaluation and creation.


The Power of Four: Your Goldilocks to Unlocking Weight Loss

It takes four days for a new habit to begin to feel like business as usual. The first four days take the most discipline, but after that, you’re connected to the future. I encourage you to focus on four-day increments. Even the 3-Act Structure of Film actually has 4 parts since the second act is broken in half by the midpoint. But more on that in the course.


Practice Is Emphasized, Not Reading

You don’t just consume information; you create change in your life. People assume their lack of knowledge is the gap between where they are + where they want to be. Knowledge doesn’t bring you to your goal. It’s passive. You need to “put a verb in it” + take action by doing. I provide both the knowledge + a clear path to implementing the techniques with step-by-step executions, follow-up worksheets, weekly meetings + a private member VIP posse because I'm awesome that way.

Frequently Asked Questions


To quote the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it, he will come." Well, honey, I built it. I offered in-person coaching because there were die-hard people insisting they needed in-person accountability. They said, "I don't do well with technology, and I am so over Zoom calls!" They attended the Zoom calls, engaged with the materials and the VIP Lounge, and when asked to meet in person, they were all, "You know, it's what I thought I needed, but that was just a story. I absolutely get everything I need from what you're already offering. And I never thought I, of all people, would say this, but I frickin' love your Zooms!" Some of us met in person, only for people to realize it was not what they needed. Instead, we now have periodically scheduled meetup events to foster community. And there's more than enough accountability in the program!


Not within the first year, but following the first year, your membership is paid monthly, cancellable at any time. While there is a pause button on your remote control, there’s no pausing memberships in the first year because I believe it takes a real commitment to BECOME THE LEADING ROLE IN YOUR LIFE. If you don't feel you are ready, I get it. Go do your thing, and come back to join me when you feel you're ready to trust your instincts, close your eyes and leap (I hope you just sang that like Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth... well, maybe not exactly like them).


Continue to work with any of those programs if you find a benefit. My membership works with any of those programs, except maybe Jenny Craig, since they are out of business. The point is, I do not push a food plan or diet. I help you shortcut the process and get to what's really holding you back regardless of your food protocol.  

What are the days and times of the meetings?

The Reel Weight Loss Program has calls three times each week. Calls happen virtually at 9:30am EST every Sunday,  7:15pm EST every Monday, and 7:30pm EST every Thursday. All calls are recorded, so if you're unable to attend any of the calls, you also have access to on-demand replays, so you never miss any of the action, and replays are available for you to listen to as often as you need inside the Replays Vault of your membership.  


This isn't like worrying about showing up for book club because you didn't finish reading the book! You can always attend the live Zoom meetings or watch the replays without having finished the course lessons of the week. Remember, the course is drip-fed, which means you don't get overwhelmed by everything all at once. It’s entirely go-at-your-own-pace once the materials drop! Why? Because I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to listen and re-listen as many times as you need! You'll spend about 10 minutes each day on a worksheet, and a little over an hour each week reviewing the course videos. The videos are broken down into short digestible bites, good for snacking. Take the modules on the go and revisit a lesson when you’re feeling stuck. Everyone’s adventure through The Reel Weight Loss Course and Star Society Membership will look a little different, and that’s the beauty of it. All you have to do is commit to showing up. If you show up for the LIVE sessions each week (or watch the archived replays at a convenient time), use my tools, and practice the techniques, you're good to go. I'm not here to give you more to do. The way I see it, your cast of unsupervised inner saboteurs are costing you far more time, effort, energy, and productivity. Our motto in the membership is, "I'm never behind. I can always get the coaching I need."


It works if you set aside time every week and actually do the work. If you SHOW UP to the sessions and implement what you learn, you'll do great. If you learn to embody the motto "perfection is the enemy of progress" you'll shine. I realize for some, embodying that motto isn’t so easy, which is why I'm going to help you embrace the mindset "DONE is better than perfect," so you'll be unstoppable.


Reading a book about weight loss is like dancing about architecture. You'd never learn to ride a bicycle by reading about it. Learning is doing 'round here. I have you take action. You're not just consuming information with me. You're creating change by taking action. I have you stay accountable and share the action steps you're taking, with repeatable tools that help you transform for the long term. I take into account the stumbles and obstacles life throws at us and prepare you to be the leading role in your life. Straight up!


The private VIP group is an added bonus! It's optional. I pop in weekly to answer questions, provide feedback, and encourage you on your hero’s journey through The Reel Weight Loss Program! I am anything but an absent mentor, so you can always find support in the private Facebook group. I love guiding you through the process and holding your hand as you try new things, implement new strategies, and step into the leading role of your life! But if Facebook is your dragon, let me know. If enough of our Star Society Membership detests META, I’ll create a private community within the walls of The Reel Weight Loss Program. I'm accommodating like that.


The short answer is yes. My Reel Weight Loss course is a stand alone product like never before compiled. The innovations, process, tools, strategies and easy to understand concepts have been developed over 15 years of research, testing, retesting, and personal transformation. The materials include over 70 video lessons, a LOT of strategies, tools, and worksheets—and P.S., it's fun. When matched with my membership, I use these techniques, introduce new ones, celebrate wins, and provide support and accountability through The Star Society.


Oh, my beautiful friend, this is the time. Here’s what I think: if you want to learn to manage your relationship with food, your body, and let’s face it, your inner critic, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, it’s going to take time, but time will pass either way. This membership and course will teach you how to be at ease around food, to stop judging yourself, and to live a life of freedom. Maybe you have the food component figured out, and your weight is where you want it, but you still let your inner saboteurs run your life. Your future self will thank you for accepting this call to adventure.


The short answer is yes. For an additional investment, a limited number of RWL Heroes can book private one-on-one sessions with me, as my schedule permits. But, for those who don't necessarily want to invest more, you’ll find me hanging out in our Private VIP community! I love answering your questions and breaking things down for you if you’re feeling stuck. You can also sign up for The Hot Seat, where Society Members submit their challenges in The Reel Weight Loss Program, and if selected, you'll get coached center stage on your specific problem, so you can replay the session when you need it most. Also, I've eaten from a garbage can, so nothing shocks me—and I've got space for exactly zero judgments in this brain and in this glorious membership. 


Still on the Fence?

I get it. Maybe you still have lingering questions. Reach out to our support team, and we’ll do our best to respond to your question in a timely manner.


This is not a “lose 50 lbs. in two weeks” offer. I’ve developed a very clear program that brings techniques and strategies together with accountability and support. 

Nothing on this page is a guarantee of weight loss. I know that 90% of you reading this get it and can skip this part, but I want to be Crystal Light Clear to the other 10%. This is not a lose weight fast, drink this shake, eat this special herbal supplement bullshine scheme. If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do or how to be or act, that ain't me. Okay, sometimes I tell you what to do. But, you make the changes in your life. You have the growth. You are the change you desire. My role is to provide you with the exercises to zero in on the real issues, suggest strategies, and have you personalize those strategies for optimal adoption. You practice the behavioral techniques that bring change, and together we see the change you had envisioned. It’s a beautiful process. It takes time. It takes your time. And it works. Not just for a month but for a lifetime. Let's get it.

You've accessed this page because you are my friend and have reached out to me with an interest in knowing how we can work together. 

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